We are COCU

Agenda 2030

In Barcelona we are faced with big challenges of a social, economic and environmental nature. Such as reducing inequalities, achieving gender equality and combating the climate emergency. We created this video for the Ajuntament de Barcelona. In the video we are presenting the 2030 Agenda, which will have to be fulfilled in the next 10 years. Exec. producer: Èric Motjer, DoP: Toni Llobet, Art direction: Júlia Garedo, Sound: Jordi Cirbian, Producers: Alba Sobrepera i Sergi Olivares, 1st camera assistant: Manel R. Aguilar, Gaffer: Yoel Torres, Electric: Nicolás Garrido, Stylist: Clara Borrull, Make-up: Anna Mundet, Color grading: Julia Rossetti