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Dr. Bloom


Dr.Bloom, a woman’s clothing brand, asked us to help them create awareness of a new shop they just opened in the Born. The opening coincided with the launch of 080 Barcelona Fashion, which took place in Mercat del Born. Amongst the street actions we implemented, we came up with one that was very much in line with the target audience that would be attending the 080 fashion show: a photography competition via Instagram. For this, we made use of hashtags alluding to the event such as #080 #080barcelona #080barcelonafashion, etc, which were trending during the week of the event and we created awareness through these of the one we created specifically for the photography competition: #080drbloom. We managed to grab the attention of many active Instagram users during the 080 Barcelona event, who took advantage to add their photos to our #080drbloom and participate in the competition. It was a success.

This was the advert we created for Dr. Bloom via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter two days before the event. To participate people simple needed to upload a photo of 080 Barcelona Fashion from a personal Instagram account with the hashtag #080drbloom. During the 3 days of the competition, we achieved the participation of over 300 people, who uploaded a total of 362 photos with the hashtag #080drbloom, over one hundred photos a day were uploaded to out hashtag. The results we achieved in just a few days for our client were very profitable, as they had a huge amount of people wondering around their shop in the Born, and a 30% increase in followers of their various social networks and, in general, we managed to make their branding go viral and create direct awareness of their brand to their target audience, achieving considerable notoriety and a very high return on investment.

Photos from the competition #080drbloom de 080 Barcelona