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We christened Efimero a project of our own that was born in 2013 and dies in 2017. Efimero is a limited edition brand of t-shirts under the concept of slow or sustainable fashion. Twelve international artists interpret the concept of birth for the first collection, of which there are 345 units of each design. Handmade with 100% organic cotton and with eco-friendly dyes, one by one. We are a brand that shares the values of the Slow Fashion Movement, which supports fair, sustainable trade and ethically made clothing. The t-shirts are 100% premium organic cotton with GOTS certification and have been serigraphed with eco-friendly dyes with OEKO-TEX certification. At ::frescota:: we have developed the entire brand concept, as well as naming, graphic and online application and the entire communication strategy, which begins with one action: a pop-up store on Boulevard Rosa de Barcelona. www.efimeroforever.com