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Some months ago we were lucky enough to collaborate in the creation of a digital identity, launch strategy, diffusion and web design for the main Branding website of Toc Hostels, a new chain of hostels that now forms part of this new and powerful niche market already occupied by other chains such as Generator, Equity, City Hostels, Urbany Hostels, amongst others. The challenge was and is to position TOC as one of those cool, hipster hostels for a target market of youths and families seeking central, designer lodgings with an urban, cosmopolitan ambience and at an incredibly competitive price. The web tool we invented surprised even us, as it is organically very well positioned through an infinity of terms. It is a very powerful feeder wherein the content is fresh and pertaining to diverse themes for optimization and positioning purposes. The information is constant and we share it on twitter or instagram and it becomes indexable text. In addition, we organised it by categories so that users have live information in Sevilla, Madrid or Barcelona. We are a huge news portal for the cities in which we are located and we thereby demonstrate that we are live and that we know each and every corner and everything going on that may be of interest to our target audience. At design and usability level it is very complete and at all times the user has a reservations bar at the top of the screen. The format is responsive, something that for Frescota is obligatory in all of our projects. It has ended up very robust, something that is important as the target audience are millennials, young people who browse principally on mobile devices and tablets. In fact, we know that close to 50% of all visits come from smartphones. In addition, we are creating the community on the three social networks we have chosen for TOC Hostels, – instagram, twitter and facebook- where the community grows substantially every week and where a large number of enquiries from the target audience are dealt with. We strategically launched this project in English, as we also did with the SEO, SEM and SMO strategies for both the corporate website as well as for the three pertaining to each hostel. We are very satisfied as it is obtaining magnificent results in terms of traffic and conversion rates.