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The University of Manresa commissioned an online campaign for the generation of new students for all of its degree courses and we based our strategy principally on the creation and design of diverse landing pages, together with an effective pay per click campaign.

The objective was to design a lead generation strategy via online resource in order to increase inscription on the university degrees of physiotherapy, podiatry, nursing, business management, primary school education and speech therapy.

The strategy was based on pay per click advertising on Adwords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads. Specific campaigns were created for each degree with landing pages containing bespoke contents and videos. In addition, campaigns were also created that increased attendance at the Open Doors events, where parents and future students are introduced to the university and the degree courses available.

This course increased inscription on all degrees. Visibility for the University of Manresa brand has bene increase with better results than previously achieved on traditional media such as press, radio and advertising billboards. Cost effectiveness has been achieved by obtaining high conversion rates and low acquisition rates. And we managed to take maximum advantage of online channels such as search engines, display banners on websites and social networks in order to provide the campaigns with maximum diffusion and visibility.